Anesthesia & You

Anesthesia & You

Preparing for Surgery

Your Health History and Anesthesia

Your health history is important to us. A member of the Pre-admission Testing and Preparation team may contact you to learn your history and gather information on any important tests. In the even that we cannot contact you prior to surgery, both a nurse and an anesthesiologist will discuss your health history with you on the day of surgery. This is a good time for you to ask questions about your anesthetic care. You are also encouraged to contact us prior to the day of surgery if you have questions about your anesthesia and postoperative care. Please call the PEP team at 302-327-7700.

Food and Drink Allowance Before Anesthesia

For most patients, you may eat your regular diet until midnight the night before a scheduled procedure. You may drink clear liquids two hours before your arrive at the facility. Clear liquids include: water, fruit juices (without pulp), Gatorade, carbonated beverages, tea and coffee without milk or cream. Natural/artificial sweeteners and caffeine are acceptable. Excluded are liquids such as broth, soup, milk, cream,  fruit juices containing pulp and infant formula. Infants may have breast milk up to 4 hours prior to arrival at a hospital or surgical facility.

Food and drink allowance is dependent upon your health history. Following your preoperatvie assesment, a member of our perioperative team will give you instructions for food and drink intake prior to your scheduled surgery. It is very important to follow these instructions to avoid any surgical complications, delays or cancellation of your procedure. 


Medications to Take Before Your Surgery

Most patients take medications for conditions that are not related to their surgery. A nurse from the hospital or your surgeon will tell you which medications to continue on the day of surgery. If you are instructed to take some or all of your medicines, they may be taken with a sip of water. Remember to let us know about any herbal products you use (i.e. ginseng, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, etc.). These products have medicinal qualities and can affect your anesthesia care.

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