Clinical Update Communications



As you know, ASPA has been attempting to improve the communication of clinical information within our organization.  We have recently adopted the process of compiling all of the formerly fragmented clinical announcements into one weekly clinical email that comes out every Wednesday via ASPA email.  This new system was in response to your feedback and thoughts of how to make it easier for providers to keep track of various updates from so many sources and sites.  We have had numerous positive responses and comments from this new approach, but we have been unable to measure how well we are doing.  

Going forward, providers will need to open the Weekly Clinical Update and click on a “read-receipt” button at the end of the email. 


This will allow us to determine who is or is not reading this email.  As the adage goes, “We can’t improve what we can’t measure.” 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  


Dr. Powell